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Can you change the colour of the floor?

In The Wood Floor Polishing Experts We Use The Best Products For Your Floors

Wood stains provide quick and affordable colour to match your home interior. They come in all the traditional wood colours through to contemporary pigmenting: eg white, red, blue or even pink!

Should you require a specific or unusual colour, simply ask. We’re up for any challenge. Our record is mixing 75 different pigments to match the floor colour in an ancient castle!

Stains have been traditionally oil or spirit based – but the modern water-based stains are safe and odour-free. They can be used in any environment including those with children and where food is prepared.

Coloured lacquers are available, but tend to lose their colour when the surface is damaged. We find it is far better to stain and varnish in two distinct stages. This makes the floor colour easier to control and the sealant more durable. As the sealant wears away, it will have no effect on the colour of the underlying stained timber.

In The Wood Floor Polishing Experts We Use High Quaility Stains

Top-quality stains give a more thorough and even coating. Cheaper stains tend to leave dull or patchy areas.

Another option is to paint the floor - or use a coloured wax. This works well on floors with dull washed colours. Lime wax, for example, gives a soft tinting effect on the visible wood grain.

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