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Work to match your needs

All floors differ in their treatment and history. And people differ in 
what they require of their floor? A hardwearing surface
 for children’s play? To withstand the indiscriminate scrapings of visitors? Or a showpiece in the home or business, where guests will want to tread with respect.

DurWhy choose Us? The Wood Floor Polishing Green Productsing your free assessment, we will take the time to identify your needs - and match them with the appropriate restoration package. We will examine your floors closely – and give you the best advice on repairs and sanding - to staining and refinishing.

And we look particularly at aftercare. Some finishes need more TLC than others. Are you prepared for this? And what balance do you require between your current investment and the likely need for further work in the years ahead?

Quality first

A woWhy Us? Eco Friendly productsoden floor is a valuable asset and - like any item of value - deserves the best treatment.

Choosing the most suitable refinishing materials can be quite a task. There is now an enormous - and bewildering - range of traditional and modern stains and sealants. Natural or artificial, we’ll demonstrate their qualities - to help you decide those you require for the floor you want.

We only recommend the highest quality products. They last longer, give a more even application - and prove the best value in the long term. In commercial properties subject to heavy constant use, there will be less frequent need to apply a new finish.

Many of these products we use are only available to members of the trade. You won’t be able to buy them at your local hardware store.

As wooden floor specialists for over twenty years, we have restored hundreds of floors of all types - in a vast range of properties. Our staff work to the high standards of the national trade body - the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA). All are members with at least seven years’ experience in the industry.

A thorough job

Why Us? We are Commited To Environment Floor Polishing ExpertsWe believe in the value of thorough preparation during all the vital stages of refinishing a wooden floor. Stains and sealants need several recommended coats - and adequate drying time - so a degree of patience is required. We don’t rush and we won’t skimp. Why Us?

Sanding takes skill to create an even finish on the floor. Uneven or bumpy areas soak up stains and sealants - and can leave unsightly dull or dark patches.

Floors are rarely conventional in shape - so we use edging sanders and handtools for awkward corners. We also remove all ugly traces of bitumen or ‘Victorian’ style black wax on the floor.  

As for that old concrete fire hearth..? We’ll remove it and fill in the gap with matching flooring.


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